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Residency by Investment Programmes


Residency by Investment Programmes

Cyprus – an ideal location for Corporate and Personal tax base

Today’s challenges
• Use of offshore jurisdictions (Panama papers etc.)
• FATCA, BEPS, CRS and automatic exchange of information
• Double tax treaties - changes
• Safety of investments
• Safety of assets
• Safety of family!!!
• Unified modes of taxation (i.e. EU common tax system etc.)
• Governments continue to blur the distinction between tax avoidance & tax evasion
• Tax avoidance confused with money laundering
• Tax avoidance is immoral?
• Perceived right of every citizen to minimise amount of tax paid

Cyprus – Main Industries

• Financial Services
• Construction & Real Estate
• Tourism
• Shipping

New Industries:
• Medical services
• Oil & Gas / Energy
• Telecommunications

Use of Cyprus as business base
• Very popular for international entrepreneurs since 1990s
• More than 300.000 international companies registered & operate through Cyprus
• Merchant fleet of Cyprus is the 3rd largest in EU and the 10th largest in the world
• Top 3 Ship Management Centre globally
• Largest third party Ship Management Centre within the EU
• Up and rising Investment Funds base

Other incentives
• 60 days residency rule!!!
• Notional interest deduction
• Investment in innovative businesses
• Work & other visas for non-EU nationals
• Cyprus Permanent Residence
• Cyprus citizenship by investment

Structuring your personal & business base
• No solution fits all…
• Custom-made solutions, tailored to each business & personal need
• Growth potential
• Ideal environment for investments
• Ideal environment for family relocation

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